I Visited Glossier in Los Angeles

Glossier smells like the color pink. It is warm, powdery, with notes of rose and delicate musk — like the way we imagine our grandmother’s vanity smelled. It wafts out of the store and into the sunny, Los Angeles street corner, inviting you to step in.

Glossier opened their store in Los Angeles on Tuesday, in West Hollywood off of Melrose Place. I visited the store on Wednesday and was struck with how uniquely different it was from the New York City store.

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It has a very warm, down-to-earth vibe, reminiscent of the desert that grasps at the mountains that cradle the basin of Los Angeles. Desert grass and yellow flowers dot the millennial pink landscape, giving way to counters with neatly organized makeup and skincare. The stations are lined with mirrors roughly the size of a cell phone, and gave me a very distinct Hollywood vibe, as if you’re checking your lipstick in your rear-view mirror before heading off to a fancy dinner.

In the back is a small canyon escape, lit with alternating LEDs, humming with soothing, ambient noise, and dressed with a mirror.

The store carries the full collection of Glossier’s products, from the ever-popular Boy Brow, to the cult favorite Milky Jelly Cleanser that I reviewed, to the newly released mascara, Lash Slick.

There are plethoras of sample products and one-time-use tester applicators, encouraging you to try out everything without the usual fear of product tubes full of germs.

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To order, you find one of the lovely Glossier representatives that walk the floor in their pink coveralls, iPad in tow. This does feel a bit more chaotic and disorganized than the procedure in NYC, where you’d simply take a sheet, marked with the items of your desire, to the front desk, where you’d pay and wait to have your name called.

I took loads of photographs while I was visiting, and it didn’t feel intrusive or discouraged. In fact, like most modern makeup brands, it feels encouraged to take a selfie here or there, or pose with a friend for Instagram. There are even decorations on the mirrors as well as a decorated wall facing a mirror, which I can only assume is designed with an almost-singular purpose in mind.

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Overall, the Glossier store is quite a beautiful, Los Angeles experience that is worth checking out if you’re in town.

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